A Toast to a Pioneer

Peter Carnes was an Augusta attorney and widely respected man-about-town. He was one of the first to ride out and greet President George Washington during his official visit. He built – and was buried behind – one of the first homes in the quiet hamlet that would become known as Summerville.

But before he came to Augusta, he was an itinerant bar keep who, on a summer day in 1784, stoked a smokey fire and set aloft the first hot air balloon in the United States. His airship was called the American Aerostatic Balloon.

His bar was called The Indian Queen.

A New Tradition

Augusta is a community that puts a premium on comfort.
The traditions of the town are deeply rooted in the appeals of gracious living,
well-told stories and drinks with friends. We find comfort in the knowledge that a close companion is never too far away.

Inspired by that idea of comfortable familiarity, we are building a bar that celebrates those things that make this community special. It’s classic, but still contemporary. It’s casual, but with a real sense of significance and style.

It’s a good place to have a good drink.